HOPE ROAD has now been out
two months as a Kindle novel, although considerably less time on other vendor sites. I
finally managed to get it on the Tescos ebook site last week, which means the places
where you can now buy it is now as follows, with the Kindle still accounting
for most sales:

Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com Waterstones Tescos Kobo Apple

Sony B&N Diesel Smashwords W H Smiths Book Dep.

I would have been better to have got the novel
listed at all non-Amazon sites and then do the Kindle upload; in that way I could have had something like an official launch date. Many book bloggers are
happy to program a mention/interview etc. to coincide with a launch date, and in future I’ll try and plan ahead more.

Nevertheless, through my somewhat uncoordinated
attempts at being a publicist, I’ve discovered what amazing people book
bloggers are. Enthusiastic, generous, dedicated. And they read so much! It
makes me embarrassed at the amount I manage to read in an average week.

I started contacting bloggers seriously in the New Year, and six weeks later I have had a pretty decent response.
I may have missed some of them, but I’ve listed here over thirty reviews,
guest blogs, interviews and other mentions of the ebook. There are quite a few
more coming up, and given that six weeks ago I knew nothing at all about ebook
marketing, I’m quite pleased with the exposure the book has had. A massive thank you to all those who were kind enough to let me onto their blogs!


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