CITY by Icelandic crime writer Arnaldur Indridason is sombre, clever, and
extremely absorbing.

It’s a
straight police procedural, involving a lead detective (Erlendur) who works on
his instincts rather than simply following the obvious clues, and this sometimes
frustrates of his colleagues. Like Wallander, he’s not an exciting or glamorous
detective, and the whole setting (it rains throughout almost the entire book)
is dour and underplayed, which, of course, is pretty much how many murder investigations
would be if you described them flat, without verbal tricks or fancy

brings a very moving kind of humanity to the main character of Erlendur, and
although you don’t fall in love with either him or his life (which seems dull
and disappointing) you do admire him. The plot itself twists on a number of possible
solutions, and there are several of those moments when you *know* the solution,
and you’re inevitably wrong.

the sombre mood, and the increasingly unsettling themes, the plot moves fast
enough to give the reading experience excitement and urgency.

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